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Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process

Born out of a need to institutionalise the Peace Process, the Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process (SCOPP) was established on 06 February 2002.

Our final newsletter, covering the period April to June 2009, may be downloaded by clicking on the image.  A publication summarising the work of the Peace Secretariat in recent years can be found at the following link.

Press Releases

We Support Ourselves

The Peace Secretariat launched its final publication yesterday – a book of photos. The first part of the book focuses on the relief work of the Security Forces, while the second part comprises photos from the Vavuniya welfare centres and camps housing LTTE cadres.

Reflections on Disinformation

On the eve of the closure of the Peace Secretariat, I had a call from the BBC to respond to an interview they conducted with Eric Schwarts, the American Assistant Secretary of State who had been in Sri Lanka recently. His comments generally made sense, and his stress on swift resettlement of the displaced was understandable, and in line with Government policy, which is to resettle them as soon as possible…

Foreign Policy Priorities from the British Treasury

The Peace Secretariat deeply regrets the recent intervention by yet another British Minister in what seems a resumption of the campaign by some elements in British public life to harass Sri Lanka and its people. [1]

Tamil Diaspora Peak ploughs the depths

The Australasian Federation of Tamil Associations (AFTA), which describes itself as the peak body representing the Tamil Diaspora living in Australia and New Zealand, has expressed deep concern over five Tamil doctors recanting the statistics they were ‘dispatching to the outside world during the last stages of the war.’

The Times mirrors the Tigers

The international community was horrified by news reports in the Times of London on July 9th 2009 that over 1,400 people were dying each week in Welfare Centres in Sri Lanka.  The Times continues to conceal its sources.  This time the allegation is attributed to ‘Senior international aid figures’, though the figure was decried as ‘Ridiculous’ by the UN Resident Coordinator in Colombo.

Situation improving in Vavuniya IDP centres

Many thousands of people have arrived in Vavuniya since the Peace Secretariat last reported on the situation in the welfare centres.  The Security Forces broke the LTTE grip on its human shield in May, enabling the remaining civilians to move to the safety of Government controlled areas.

Sri Lankan expatriates attend first post-war business conference

The Business for Peace Alliance launched a groundbreaking initiative in June, with the first major conference to engage the Sri Lankan diaspora.  Over five days, the BizPAct Invest in Sri Lanka Symposium brought together around 30 Sri Lankan expatriates from America, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates and Australia, with some 100 representatives of the Colombo business elite and 40 heads of Chambers of Commerce from around Sri Lanka to look at a range of carefully vetted projects of regional entrepreneurs.

British Foreign Office feeds The Times false figures in campaign to recover from defeat at Human Rights Council in Geneva

The above headline is clearly an exaggeration, but it is based on the style of reporting adopted recently by the Times of London in its coverage of Sri Lanka. Following its extraordinary assertion, at the end of May, that over 20,000 had been killed in the conflict area, it seemed necessary to examine the motives behind such whopping untruths. The investigation revealed a culture of secretiveness and propagandist zeal that is not of course novel, given the role that some newspapers have played in the past in supporting British adventurism, as instigated by particular political parties.

Secretary General responds to the Daily Mirror

Prof Rajiva Wijesinha has written today to the editor of Daily Mirror regarding an article in the 1st July 2009 issue entitled, ‘APRC gets one month’.

Secretary General responds to British Medical Journal

The following letter was sent to the British Medical Journal in response to an article by a Dr Shiamala Suntharalingam, which provided much misleading information as to the situation in the north.

[1] https://www.gov.uk/government/world/sri-lanka