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It has been a good seven years since the Civil war ended in Sri Lanka. With many voluntary organizations around the world pitching in to restore peace in the country, Sri Lanka has come a long way. What’s even better, with the steadily rising peace dividend, the country is in the best economic situation right now, making it a haven for investors. You could trade binary options with Fintech LTD and live as a king in this beautiful country. Read on to find out how this little teardrop shaped country is fast becoming an investment destination.

Strategic location

Being in close proximity to two large nations viz. India and Pakistan gives it an edge in terms of connectivity. Its geographical location is also an added advantage, as it is well connected to South Asia, Far East, Europe, Pacific and America via the shipping routes. A majority of the shipping routes and air routes have Sri Lanka en route ticking off the logistics check box.

Free Trade

Not only is Sri Lanka in a strategic location, it also has free trade policies with both India and Pakistan. This means that when you invest in the country, you already get a default access to Free trade opportunities in two of the largest economies of the world. The fact that these two countries put together account for almost 25% of the world’s population is just the icing on the cake.

Stock Market

Sri Lanka is also doing well with regards to the stock market. In fact, it is expected to be among the top 10 markets this year. The political stability and an expected increase in the bank loan only further strengthens its position.

Indian Integration

Sri Lanka’s integration with the Indian economy is not a distant reality and hence any investment in the country is bound to fetch you larger returns in the near future.

Skilled Workforce

Sri Lanka has a high literacy rate when compared to many other countries in South Asia. Not only are its people educated, they are also an energetic bunch that make up a brilliant workforce. This makes it an ideal destination for the outsourcing industry.


Much of the infra-structure that is required for foreign investments is already in place. Whether it is modern aviation facilities or large ports or a well-established and well-connected roadways, Sri Lanka has everything you need to help you set-up your business in no time.


Sri Lanka is one of the most advanced countries in South Asia and is equipped with world-class health care and educational facilities. Being a great touristic destination has also taken care of the recreational options.

It has enough night life options, world-class restaurants, shopping and places to visit making it a great place to live and visit.


Finally, when it comes to investing in a foreign land, no country is risk-free. Sri Lanka is no exception to this rule but the good news is that the risks are very minimum. As recession is inevitable in economy, the only other risk with Sri Lanka could be a possibility of political instability. This is more of an outlook associated with its past and is bound to change with time.