5 Mistakes Startups Should Not Make In The First Year

Most start-ups make mistakes that lead them to losses and a lot more mishaps in the first year itself. As an entrepreneur, it is essential to know your strengths and your weaknesses. Most newbies make the mistake of not studying their strengths and straightaway start expecting results in the first year itself. A startup needs patience, time and perseverance and if you are not ready to give all of that, you are headed the wrong way.

Here are 5 other mistakes that you should not make in the first year.

  1. Trying a solo journey

A startup is never easy in the first year. There are a million things that need to be done and if you do not have company, you will always fall short of time. There will be financial requirements, service desk needs, and HR management and wear too many hats at the same time will wear you out. Do not sail the boat alone. Be the Captain but also remember to hire a Quarter Master.

  1. Too much networking

Too much of anything is bad and the same applies to networking. Understand the worth and value of right networking. If you keep attending all the events in town, you will hardly be left with enough time for your business. Do your homework and prioritize the events. Find out which ones will have more investors and attend those.

  1. Not paying attention to your critics

When you are an entrepreneur, you must lend your ears carefully. If people are only appreciating you then they are probably not completely honest. You are bound to make mistakes and only your critics will be able to point them out. Trust your critics to give you honest reviews about your work. These reviews will give you ideas and insights on how to learn new ways of doing things. Remember that feedback is always good and you must always be open to them.

  1. Underestimating the obstacles

There will be innumerable obstacles in your way. If you keep underestimating them, it will not serve your purpose. Confidence is good but overconfidence is not a wise thing to have when you are an entrepreneur. Study your difficulties and find out strategies to overcome them instead of believing that none of the obstacles matter.

  1. Not looking for new avenues

In the first six months of your inception, you will be able to make out if your product is working with your audience. If it is not, you can find new avenues instead of letting go. It does not mean that you need to shut down your business. You can revamp your brand by introducing a new product to see if that works with your target audience.

The Bottom Line

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