Expenses That You Can Pass On To Your Customers In Business

Well, it might sound a little weird for all those newbies in business!! How can we expect the customer to pay the bill for something wouldn’t it be offensive? Well, your questions and thoughts are quite right, but we live in an online world, a more technically advanced world, where we believe that “Customer is not a King”!! The business people also have an equal part in the business and share of respect given!

Business is a business, once you are in it, you need to be able to demand the expenses that you worked for! Don’t club business and relations, you are building a different level of relations through business and its fair to be equal there!

So, here are a few lists of work, which expenses can be passed on the customer’s side:

Consulting fees:

Do a doctor, a lawyer and any other official have a word with you for free? Any other consultant for that matter, would be free from the charges? Well, then why is that in business, we don’t have consulting charges? When the fake ones will charge all the fees, to loot your money, why not a genuine business? The Aurora mine which is an online trading platform created to help you trade both in forex and crypto is a scam, but claims like a genuine site; giving false promises, creating a false illusion.

The time a businessman spends genuinely, in extracting details for the customer, in commuting to the location of the client, and give a valuable piece of advice, how can you be doing all this for free? Be it a financial advisor, or a consultant for health and others, you need to charge consulting fees, maybe let it go for the first time and for any consultations that happen over texts and messages.


When you are traveling to your customer site, to give them product demo or explanation, you can and need to charge the traveling costs to customers. It’s like customizing the service for that particular customer, where you need to send a resource or you need to go, leaving all the business for those days aside, so when you are spending time for anyone particularly, you need to charge them.


What If a client asks for some customized product, that you haven’t worked on yet? Well, you need to research and work on it, so you need to charge the bill for the client, for the new product and the research part. It would be good if you can keep a timer and document the exact time taken and then give the bill accordingly.