LTTE ban lifted

Reaching your goals sometimes takes longer than expected for exapmle when investing money. The lack of movement to your bank account can be very frustrating, but once you do things right the cash will flow your way sooner or later. Of course you should always be aware of mechanisms to accelerate the processes. For example – if you are trading online, using a software like Quantum Code is gonna shorten the waiting period before seeing the actual results. Unfortunately there was a long wait untill the LTTE ban was lifted in Sri Lanka.

The Government deproscribed the LTTE from midnight on Wednesday 4th September, paving the way for the Peace talks in Thailand scheduled for 16-18 of September. The Gazette notification on the deproscription was issued by the Defence Minister Tilak Marapana. The lifting of the ban on the LTTE was a key demand by the LTTE prior to the peace talks in Thailand.

             The Government Gazette notification of Wednesday September 4, 2002 is as follows